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Product Management Resources

Below is a collection of resources I've started to document which I have used and also learning currently from to improve my thinking around product management.

Other related topics I've written about:

  1. How I think about my career

  2. Frameworks I use for product management (for when you're in the role)

Are you sure this is something you actually want?

  1. What motivates you in life? (video version)

  2. Wait But Why - How to Pick a Career (That Actually Fits You)

    • I aim to reread this once every few months 


What is Product Management

  1. Josh Elman - A Product Manager’s Job

  2. History of Product Management

  3. Ian McCallister - What distinguishes the Top 1% of product managers from the Top 10%?

  4. Good Product Manager, Bad Product Manager

  5. Good Product Manager, Great Product Manager - Shreyas Doshi

  6. Kenneth Norton - how to hire a Product Manager

Vision​ and Strategy

  1. Jeff Bezos - Amazon 1997 Shareholder Letter

  2. Larry Page and Sergey Brin - The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine

  3. Elon Musk - The Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan

  4. Steve Jobs - iPhone Introduction in 2007

  5. John Zimmer - The Third Transportation Revolution

  6. Stewart Butterfield (Slack) - We Don't Sell Saddles Here

  7. Sam Altman - Startup Playbook

  8. Paul Graham - Be Good

  9. Mark Andreesen - The only thing that matters

  10. Sarah Tavel - Taking the wrong lesson from Uber

  11. Invisible asymptotes

  12. When Tailwinds Vanish

  13. Amazon - Working Backwards


  1. Writing a Product Spec

  2. Job stories rather than user stories

  3. Julie Zhuo - Building Products

  4. Tristan Harris - How Technology is Hijacking Your Mind

  5. NYTimes - How Uber Uses Psychological Tricks to Push Its Drivers’ Buttons

  6. Gaurav Oberoi - On Writing Product Specs

  7. How Startups should use Behavioral Economics (Dan Ariely)

  8. Design for people using people language


  1. Josh Elman - The only metric that matters

  2. Innovation versus optimization

  3. Proxy metrics vs North Star metrics

  4. Maker time versus manager time

  5. Meetings That Don’t Suck

  6. Organizing a Large Product Backlog

  7. Lenny Rachitsky - 28 Ways to Grow Supply in a Marketplace

  8. Julie Zhuo - Metrics Versus Experience

  9. Peacetime PM / Wartime PM

  10. Building a product on top of existing products’ platforms

Leadership and Collaboration

  1. Ev Williams - The Job of Leadership

  2. Ben Horowitz - Why Founders Fail: The Product CEO Paradox

  3. Leading without Coding

  4. Sachin Rekhi - The Most Underrated Product Management Skill: Influence Without Authority

  5. Julie Zhuo - How to Work with Engineers

  6. Julie Zhuo - How to Work with Designers

  7. Julie Zhuo - How to Work with PMs

  8. Better Meetings with Concise Global Context


  1. Find, Vet, and Close the Best Product Managers


  3. How Spotify’s Discover Weekly cracked human curation at internet scale

  4. The simplest explanation of machine learning you’ll ever read

  5. Great reading list in spreadsheet form

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