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What I'm up to now

This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one too.


After my last stint at my previous job, I decided to start focusing more on growing my skillsets and other personal growth projects with loads of self-reflection.

I have several main goals for the temporary hiatus, and am excited to have the time and mental bandwidth to explore them!​ 


Striving to develop better daily habits: sleep 8 hours, floss, meditate, stretch, exercise, and cook healthy food.​


After my previous stint, I had hundreds of unread emails in my personal inbox even after filtering out stuff I'm not interested in. I also have countless notes I've taken on various topics that I want to organize, centralize, and migrate to new preferred tools (eg: moving everything I want to keep from Evernote into Notion).

I'm also figuring out what systems and tool combinations will work best for me as I start to develop better habits around reading, taking notes, writing up my thoughts, elaborating more deeply on ideas I have, etc.


I'm primarily spending my time right now learning about several subjects:

  1. Starting with: fundamental knowledge in the areas of understanding product management from various perspectives, design thinking, and specific ways to tackle PM challenges on a scale.

  2. Later: Financial inclusion, education, scalable consumer internet products, and urban planning/mobility (caveat: this is a list which is ever-growing and customizable as and when I develop better thinking and dabble with things)

I'm making as much time as I can to read about these, and intend to write about them as a mechanism to (1) fully internalize what I'm learning, (2) share with others and refine my thinking, and (3) hopefully help others learn too.


I've spent a few years working as a Product Manager, writing lots of code, teaching design, and am now helping others to benefit from what I've learned throughout that time.

I'm doing interview prep, brainstorming, and product consulting for startups.

Always happy to chat and help however I can just reach out!

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