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I'm Krish. A lot of things I write here are for my own public accountability and a rough yet organized notepad that I would like to share with others to help them and myself grow.  If you come across a broken link feel free to visit back soon to see an update.

The navigation bar on the side, curated like a tasting menu, takes you through my work in the order best served to impress you.

Quick links: Contact MeTwitterLinkedIn

Me in 10 seconds

  • Currently looking for ways I can impact your Product journey, if you believe I can help you with anything or know someone whom I should connect to, please reach out

  • Working on some personal projects and am open to collaboration.

  • Learning about pop culture, product management, philosophy, and AI.

Work stuff

Work page

What I am up to now

Now page

What I plan on doing next

Career page

Profiles elsewhere

You can follow me on these sites:​

  1. Goodreads (what I'm reading)

  2. Letterboxd (what I'm watching)

  3. Spotify

  4. GitHub

  5. HackerRank

  6. Quora

  7. LinkedIn

  8. AngelList

  9. Twitter

  10. Facebook

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